Trump Girls Try To Break The Internet And People Aren’t Impressed

By : Jennifer BrowneTwitterLogo


During a presidential election, there can be some truly inspiring grassroots political movements – and then there can be dumb Twitter stunts like this one.

Women hoping America can ‘be great again’ have put on their bikinis and their trucker hats to show support for presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump, and the movement is being called vomit-worthy by pretty much all of Twitter.

Seen the trending hashtag #TrumpGirlsBreakTheInternet? It began after a Wall Street Journal/NBC news poll was released Sunday showing Hillary Clinton with a lead over Trump among women, Esquire reports.

And while a fair few googly-eyed Twitter users are definitely in support of the raunchy photos, not everyone was using the hashtag in support of Trump.

Many hijacked it with dissenting views:

We can thank the Twitter account @BabesForTrump for inspiring this truly meaningful movement – most of the photos with the hashtag seem to have been taken from the account, which boasts over 18,000 followers and says it’s ‘Making America Great Again, One Babe At A Time.’

While many of the ‘Trump Babes’ may genuinely support the candidate, it seems pretty unlikely that he supports their rights as females or existence beyond sexual appeal. From referring to women as a ‘piece of ass’, to saying he’d date his daughter and claiming women wouldn’t have their careers without their looks, what lady could resist voting for a man like that?