Who Are These ‘Sexist’ Toilets Discriminating Against?

By : Jamie RobertsTwitterLogo

Who Are These Sexist Toilets Discriminating Against? UNILAD Wood U Print98364Wood-U-Print

These toilet signs have been slammed online for being sexist, but who are they discriminating against?

The debate has been raging on Reddit, where the image was originally posted, under a thread simply titled: ‘These restrooms‘.

They show the gents’ toilets on the left with the single word ‘bla’, and the ladies’ door on the right with loads of ‘blas’ completely covering it – bla bla bla bla bla bla.

Reddit user Garviel_Loken95 summed it up pretty well with this comment: “I think it’s… ‘women talk more than men in bathrooms'”.

Twollamas1Sheep said: “It’s a stereotype on both of the doors.” While another user, Phubans, commented: “This is a two-way street of sexism, actually. It also implies that men are simple and have nothing to say.”

So, who comes off worse?


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