Woman’s Facebook Post Calling Men ‘F*cking Dogs’ Backfires Massively

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If you’re going to cheat, don’t criticise the opposite sex on social media for being ‘dogs’.

And, if you’re going to do that, definitely don’t keep your ex-husband’s friend who you tried to seduce on your Facebook. That’s what this woman did, and unsurprisingly, it backfired. Badly.

After posting a status to Facebook saying ‘Men are fucking dogs,’ a cheating wife got her comeuppance when a man she tried to seduce outed her on the social media site, the Daily Mail reports.

Her moment of shame has recently been resurfaced after going viral again – and it’s a great example of what not to do if you’ve been caught being unfaithful.

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Perhaps trying to gain sympathy or perhaps just convinced that men actually are scum, the anonymous woman updated her Facebook status complaining about the evils of men. And, while some of her friends were in agreement, there’s one commenter that really got people talking.

Beginning to tell a story about a man he met a few years ago, the commenter explained that this guy was ‘probably one of the nicest guys you could ever know,’ and that they quickly became good friends.

Continuing the story, he revealed that one day, the friend had phoned him to ask if he could come over to look at his computer, which he’d been having problems with.

While this definitely starts to sound like the beginning of a porn film, it’s not. Turns out his friend’s wife tries to seduce him to no avail.

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He wrote:

We go to his house where he introduces his wife. A girl I went to school with.

She tries to seduce me and get me to sleep with her. I feel disgusted and refuse.

Some time goes by and this girl messages me one day to tell me her husband left her. When I ask why, she tells me because she cheated on him and he found out.

Then the plot twist comes. The commenter reveals that the woman in question is actually the one posting the status.

A true example of karma being a bitch. Let’s hope she learned her lesson.