Donald Trump In Sex Tape Controversy With Former Miss Universe On Twitter

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Donald Trump isn’t known for championing gender equality, but today he set a new personal best for disrespecting a woman.

The Presidential candidate’s latest victim is former Miss Universe, Alicia Machado.

Trump called Machado – who he dubbed as ‘my worst Miss U’ – disgusting and accused her of starring in a sex tape, before questioning her past on the very public platform.


Donald went onto say that his opposition Hillary Clinton held Machado up as a ‘paragon of virtue’ during the Presidential Debate having been ‘duped’ by the ex-Miss Universe.

Trump also questioned the Venezuelan-born beauty’s right to American citizenship – claiming ‘crooked’ Hillary helped Machado gain citizenship in order to use her in last week’s debate.

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The former Miss Universe has appeared in Mexican Playboy twice and, according to The Inquisitr did appear in a ‘steamy but censored scene’ on Spanish television, any claims of an explicit past in porn have been found to be false.

Some Republicans have even called for Trump to drop the aggressive line he’s taken against Machado, for fear he’ll alienate his female supporters.

Arguably, Machado is being used as a political tool by both Democrat and Republican camps in an unashamed ploy to drag each other through the dirt.

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Machado, 39, is a die-hard and outspoken Hillary Clinton supporter.

The actress has been the subject of misogynistic abuse from Trump upon gaining some weight after winning the Miss Universe title in 1996; Trump allegedly called her ‘Miss Piggy’ and ‘Miss Housekeeping’ when he owned the pageant.


The Clinton campaign has repeatedly drawn attention to the racist and sexist attitudes Trump has persistently vocalised.

His latest tweets just fuel fears that this man would not be a good and just leader for the women of America.


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