Donald Trump Makes An Incredibly Bold Claim About Princess Diana

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Donald Trump Makes An Incredibly Bold Claim About Princess Diana di1 1Wikimedia

Donald Trump’s sexist past has, once again, come back to haunt the Republican presidential hopeful.

He has made a range of inappropriate comments during his bid to become the GOP candidate, including admitting he doesn’t have ‘time for total political correctness’, and suggesting Megyn Kelly was on her period after she asked him a tough question, but these latest comments may just take the biscuit.

According to Buzzfeed, the millionaire businessman once argued that he could have had sex with Princess Diana.

And, to make matters even worse, he made the comments just months after she died in 1997.

Check it out:

When asked by radio presenter Howard Stern if he ‘could’ve nailed her,’ Trump replies ‘I think I could have.’


He then added:

She was actually really beautiful. I thought she was supermodel beautiful.

She had times when she didn’t look great and she had times when she looked better than anyone in the world. But she had supermodel… she had the height, she had this, she had magnificent skin, she was a great beauty.

Three years later, Trump was gracious enough to still include the deceased princess in his list of top ten women.

Again, he shared the attraction with Howard Stern and his listeners:

I’d love to say the comments will hurt the floppy haired pillock’s reputation with his supporters but, let’s face it, nothing he says seems to deter some people from backing him.


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