Here’s How Putin Celebrated Trump’s Win

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The Russian president Vladimir Putin celebrated the election of Donald Trump with a champagne reception for him and his ambassadors. 

In a video released by Russia Today, the state-sponsored news channel, Putin congratulated the American people on the end of the election and Mr trump for winning the presidency, The Daily Star reports.

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The Russian leader said:

We’ve heard his electoral slogans while he was a presidential candidate which have focused on resuming and restoring relations between Russia and the United States.

We do understand that this won’t be an easy task given the current degraded state of relations between Russia and the US.

Putin also took the time to criticise the Obama administration for the ‘poor state’ of American and Russia relations adding that his country wanted to restore ties with the U.S.

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He explained that fixing the current situation wouldn’t be easy but that if both sides played their part then they could ‘return our relationship to a sustainable path of development’.

The clip has been viewed thousands if times online and has pleased a number of T Rump supporters who believe that a U.S- Russian alliance will crush ISIS.



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