Jeremy Corbyn Tried To ‘Hypnotise’ Young Voters On Snapchat Yesterday

By : Kieron Curtis |


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Jeremy Corbyn’s social media stock rose a few more points after the Labour leader dominated Snapchat this morning.

His Twitter is always primed with cutting and principled comments in response to his critics – but today the 66-year-old took the initiative to drum up support for his party in the array of elections taking place across the UK.

As reported by Business Insider, the left wing MP started early, but had plenty of attention from ‘Corbynistas’.

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As reported by The Telegraph one follower dubbed his efforts as ‘terrifying’, but the man was just brimming with enthusiasm to get voters to polling stations.

In this snap Corbyn rallied the troops saying:

Hello Snapchat, today is the day. Go! Out! Now! and VOTE!

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Although he did look a bit like he was trying to hypnotise young voters at times.

Screen Shot 2016 05 05 at 20.29.55[email protected]

Anything Boris can do…

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And of course there was the proof of what it was all about…

Screen Shot 2016 05 05 at 20.30.08[email protected]

The electorate was delighted with his efforts.

No doubt other MPs will soon follow suit and utilise the platform to campaign, but if you want to see Corbyn’s story first hand get adding @jeremycorbynmp.

And now we await election results to see if this call to arms had a positive effect for the right honourable gentleman’s party.


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