Kendall Jenner And Madonna Join Katy Perry’s Naked Vote Campaign

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Kendall Jenner And Madonna Join Katy Perrys Naked Vote Campaign MadonnaKatyPerryGetty

Apparently celebrities have signed a waiver promising to complete all daily mundane tasks at least partially naked from now on, and Kendall Jenner and Madonna are the latest nudists to join the colony.

Kendall appeared on a Total Request Live National Voter Registration day special, which aimed to encourage Americans to vote in the upcoming Presidential elections.

And the supermodel thought this snapchat of her underboob would add to the spirit of empowerment and unity the televised programme fostered.

Jenner, of the Kardashian Klan (who we suspect may be Trump cyborgs) has previously tweeted her fans about the importance of having their say in the upcoming elections.

Meanwhile, Madonna posted a topless selfie to Instagram to persuade people to vote, in which she is as naked as the day she was born – bar the obligatory grills, obviously.

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The 58-year-old pop icon took the snap in support of Katy Perry, who yesterday ‘used her body’ to persuade people to vote for Clinton.

The pair of songstresses have decided their naked bodies are powerful enough tools to change the world, or just convince the masses of disillusioned Americans to go out and vote for either candidate.

Perhaps – just perhaps – these cries of political allegiance are just self-serving publicity stunts though?

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Madonna is an outspoken Hillary supporter, backing the female Presidential candidate on her social media feeds and, I quote, ‘living for Hillary’ – which is a lot than Kendall has managed to say.

Madonna writes:

Yes I vote for intelligence.
I vote for equal rights for women and all minorities. ????????
Women Run the World now they have to get out and start supporting one another. No more misogynist feminists! No more mysogony. Get out and Vote.

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While I welcome public figures doing their bit to raise political awareness, since when did you have to be (partially) naked to have a valid opinion about politics?

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I can just picture the scenes in the White House…

Advisor: “What shall we do about the Syrian refugee crisis, President?”

President: “Oh I’m not sure, let me take off my pants and then I’ll voice my opinion.”

Looking back, I’m not sure when society shifted so drastically to pro-nudism.