People Hilariously Guess What Obama And DiCaprio Were Chatting About In This Picture

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Yesterday, the White House announced that Oscar winner and environmentalist Leonardo Di Caprio would be joining President Obama to discuss how the U.S. could combat climate change. 

They tweeted a glorious photo of the pair while they were in a seriously deep conservation ahead of the President’s South by South Lawn festival.

And it just seemed too good an opportunity to miss for Jake Beckman, who decided to challenge his followers to caption the image.

As you’d expect, the Internet had an absolute field day and showered him with plenty of ideas about what Obama and Leo were discussing, and needless to say, it definitely wasn’t about the dangers of global warming.

Some thought that Barack wanted to chat about Titanic’s tragic ending:

While others thought he was being quizzed about other roles he played in the past:

Someone brought Leo’s love of vaping into it, because why not? 

And, of course, there were a couple of Oscar jokes thrown in for good measure:

But we saved the best ’til last:

Well, that’s enough Internet for one day…


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