A Guy Just Confessed To Having Sex With Another Man’s Girlfriend On Reddit

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UNILAD freedigitalphotosnet23008 A Guy Just Confessed To Having Sex With Another Mans Girlfriend On Reddit

This guy just confessed to having sex with someone else’s girlfriend on Reddit.

In quite a long post, titled: ‘Oh my god, I’m the other man. Oh my god‘, the mystery man goes into detail about how it came about, and his feelings of guilt afterwards.

Like I said, it goes on, so grab a brew and sit back and relax:

I just found this out, and I dont have a lot of people to go to in my real life. In grade 12, I start dating a girl. She had a lot of issues, Border-line Personality disorder, Depression, and anxiety. But I loved her. She was hilarious, smart, sexy, genenerally amazing about 60% of the time. The other 40%? She would cry, freak out, hit me, need me, so on. But she was my everything. She met me in a point in my life where I was giving up being a criminal and getting my act together, and her needs forced me to be kind.

We continued being together out of high school. She was hard to tolerate, but I loved her. She berated what I was doing with my life, and generally drained me. But I felt we were ment to be together. I became nicer in a lot of ways, wasn’t out doing drugs or beating the shit out of people any more, but I became quite a bit harsher to those close to me. It was hard to be there for people when she needed so much of me. I knew it couldn’t last for ever, but I tried.

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That’s a kind of nice story so far, I guess…

I knocked her up, she didn’t tell me. She only told me after she had a miscarry. Her traits became worse. She was harder to deal with after that.She wanted a child, which was a massive red flag, but I let it go. Everything was going not well.

She got raped at a party, which is when everything went from bad to worse. She became more violent, and her mood swings grew worse. She was the girl I loved about 20% of the time, the other 80% was pure hell.

She moved back to the town we got together in after that. I moved back to my parents to make it worse. She started hanging out with her old friends, who all hated me. They are vain and shit people. I could care less what they think. She however cared quite a bit.

Well that got pretty dark. What happened next?

She broke up with me after about a month of being back, which was awful, but expected. It hurt for a few weeks, but I began to heal. She was gone. But then she began texting me again, and started talking like we were getting back together. I wish I could say I resisted her, but when you go through so much with one person, you’ll make mistakes to get them back. She made me promise that I wouldn’t see other girls, so I didn’t. She promised the same.

She was awful, stoned all the time. Constantly talking about the other guys that were hitting on her, pure emotional hell. I couldn’t stand it. But I loved her. I started roofing and laying concrete to make ends meet. I was working 7 days a week. Working my ass off. Turns out she was fucking another guy.

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Jesus. Can already tell there’s no happy ending here…

I quit talking to her after that. I couldn’t stand her, told her I needed space. She understood. So she was gone. It wasn’t easy at first, but you heal. You move on. Common sense sets in and you wonder how you could ever let a person like that control you.



She started texting me again after her birth day, a month later. Said she wanted to meet up. I did. That was my mistake. We had sex. I shouldn’t have.

So how did it all pan out?

This went on for a few weeks, until tonight. When she went to bed, I went on instagram and decided to check her account for the first time in months. That guy she was fucking a few months back? His name next to a few hearts was in her profile bio. I checked his account. Her name was in his. Oh my god, I’ve made a massive mistake.

I’m sorry Michael. I’m really fucking sorry. I didn’t know. I promise I didn’t know. I like you, a lot actually. You’ve always been nice to me and theres no way you knew about me when you two were having sex. It broke my heart to find out about what was going on between you two, but I never would’ve hurt you the way I was hurt. I know everyone tells you I’m a criminal and a terrible person and all these things, but I’d never hurt you like that. I’m gonna make it right man. You dont know yet about what happened, but you’re gonna know in a few minutes. That bitch will pay.

Brutal. Well at least he sounds genuinely remorseful and is trying to make it right.

The poster added in a later comment:

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Which got the obvious follow up:

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Later on he posted an update of how the meeting went:

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And this guy sums up what everyone’s thinking nicely:

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Well that’s as far it goes so far, but who knows how this saga will play out in the near future…