Awkward Moment Wife Asks Husband What Sex With Other Women Is Like

By : Ben Hayward |


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In what could be one of the most awkward moments in recent memory, a couple in an ‘open relationship’ spoke on air about sex with other people.

Polyamorous New York couple Eilin and Andrew Cabutto looked pretty uncomfortable as they openly talked about intercourse and desire outside of marriage, reports The Mirror.

Their relationship allows them to sleep with other people with both the full knowledge and consent of everyone involved – sounds tricky…

The film begins with Eilin asking: “How is sex different with your other partners than it is with me?”

Andrew – who can be seen to actually squirm – replies: 

There are different energies people give off and receive. So it’s not so much how is it different, but how could it be the same?

Way to dodge the question there Andrew. But Eilin wasn’t letting him off the hook just yet, asking: “Do you like it?”


And Andrew’s answer:

Yeah of course. I love to learn more about myself and how I respond to different people.

It’s kind of enlightening because it gives you a deeper insight into where you are.

Eilin goes on to explain that she’s still coming to terms with both the open relationship and her bisexuality, revealing that sometimes Andrew will ask: “Are you looking at that woman? and I’ll reply, oh yeah.”

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But it seems like their relationship – like any – hasn’t always been plain sailing.

Eilin bluntly revealed that the change in their relationship – having sex with other people – was a case of ‘adapt or die’ – which doesn’t sound like a great choice to be honest.

Whatever floats your boat I guess…


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