Couple Hospitalised After Making Massive Mistake During Their First Time

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Couple Hospitalised After Making Massive Mistake During Their First Time GettyImages 80107461Getty

A pair of Vietnamese virgins ‘bagged’ themselves a trip to a Hanoi hospital after their horrific horny incident.

The first time buyers were too embarrassed to purchase condoms, so the next logical solution is obviously a plastic bag.

…we’ve all been there right?…Maybe not.

Unless this guy is packing a substantial pouch, he heavily over-estimated his situation, leaving both of them with serious injuries including genital lesions, abrasions and bleeding, the Daily Mail reports.

The youngsters, both college undergraduates, were prescribed antibiotics and disinfectants for their injuries.


In case any of you are the ‘monkey see monkey do’ types, doctors have confirmed that, whether thin or thick, plastic bags are not an acceptable form of contraception…put the bag for life down.

A recent sex study of 2,700 undergraduates in Hanoi found that 16 per cent of students surveyed claimed to have had sexual intercourse, but only a third of them said they had used a condom during their first time, and a quarter of them admitted that they found buying condoms embarrassing. 


The Daily Mail reports that the ‘staggering numbers’ of Hanoi students who did not use a condom the first time they had sex might be due to a lack of sex and contraceptive education – a topic still considered sensitive and avoided by many parents and teachers.

Hey they’re only young, they’ve got ‘bags’ of time to hit the ‘sack’ again (sorry).