Dancer Fitted Tracker To Moronic Footballer Husband’s Car To Catch Him Cheating

By : Rebecca Knight |


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Footballers. They’re not the cleverest of people, and former midfielder Alan Smith has just gone and demonstrated that in spades.

Smithy decided it would be a good idea to cheat on his pretty hot dancer WAG. Standard in the life of a footballer.

It was all going well for him, until said WAG got suspicious, and decided to do some investigating of her own.

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Kristina Macmillan only married former Manchester United and Leeds player Smith four months ago, and was devastated to discover he was playing away from home, with a married used car dealer.

Smith met Sarah Cox at the gym, and embarked on an affair with the 43-year-old, who is 14 years older than Kristina.

His WAG became suspicious about Smith’s behaviour after seeing 151 texts in a day to a mystery number on his Nokia phone bill. Smith had his bill sent to his wife because he didn’t have an email account of his own. Not the smartest idea if you’re having an affair.

She decided to fit a tracking device to his car, and monitor his GPS signal, following him and discovering him kissing Cox.

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Cox is not only married, but is also a mother of three kids, and with Smith now booted out of the house he shared with his wife, you’d have to assume he’s now living with Cox.

Word to the wise Smithy. If you’re going to shag around, get a better phone, and your own email account.