Guy Calls Mum After Finding Out He’s Circumcised

By : Neelam TailorTwitterLogo

Guy Calls Mum After Finding Out Hes Circumcised 58427UNILAD imageoptim Circum2Youtube

The biggest question in my mind is what happened in the space of time leading up to this phone call. I’m not sure if I actually want the answer.

This clueless 19-year-old (who definitely hasn’t been watching enough porn) had no idea that he was circumcised, and when he found out he had to confront the woman who gave the go-ahead on the penis mutilation.

His mum clearly also wondered how the revelation came about as you hear him respond ‘no, we would never do that’.

The video is hilarious to watch, and you can hear all his friends laughing their heads off in the background in shock at the fact that he never realised his lack of foreskin.

In awe, he says to his mum ‘I never knew that’, and when she asks how he never knew, he responds ‘I’ve never seen an uncircumcised penis before’.

Guy Calls Mum After Finding Out Hes Circumcised 22157UNILAD imageoptim Circum1Youtube

His mates ask him ‘are you retarded?’ to which he replies a self-deprecating ‘Yes! Apparently!’.

Then he politely thanks his mum for clearing things up.

His mates are never going to let that one go.