Here’s The Ultimate Orgasm Guide, Because Why Not

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giphy 57 Heres The Ultimate Orgasm Guide, Because Why Not

We all remember Monica’s extremely educational lesson to Chandler on the female orgasm (I still want to know where seven is).

But it turns out most of us aren’t as enlightened about reaching the big O as we should be.

Earlier this year scientists revealed that the elusive purpose of the female orgasm was ‘an afterthought from evolution’ as the hormones released during orgasm can boost fertility in some species.

But here are some facts about orgasms from ASAP Science that you didn’t know you needed to know, the Independent reports.

1.The body’s journey to orgasm comes in these four stages:
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2. When men orgasm they experience intense contractions in the muscles in their anus, prostate gland, and penis.

3. The one time where women get the better end of the deal is with orgasms. A typical male orgasm will last for around three to ten seconds…

4…Whereas ten seconds is a minimum for women, who can extend the pleasure for much longer.

5. The hormone that floods the brain during an orgasm is dopamine (as it does with cocaine), which makes you crave the feeling again.

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6. During orgasm, the part of the brain that causes anxiety (lateral orbitofrontal cortex) is switched off so you can shamelessly enjoy the wave.

7. Orgasm relaxes the amygdala and hippocampus in the brain, and this affects women by inducing a sort of trance state, and men by reducing aggression.

8. Orgasm releases the ‘love hormone’ oxytocin which mediates bonding and love…makes those cuddles so much better.

giphy 59 2 Heres The Ultimate Orgasm Guide, Because Why Not

That scene from the Ugly Truth never gets old.

I hope that didn’t ruin the magic for you…


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