Men Explain Why They Really Enjoy Being Cheated On

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Around the world more and more men are inviting other blokes to sleep with their wives and girlfriends as the fetish ‘cuckolding’ takes off.

In the last twelve years the number of people googling the term has doubled and numerous online communities offering hints and tips have sprung up across the world wide web.

Speaking to The Independent one woman admitted how her husband would message, encouraging her to sleep with other men they’d agreed on.

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She said:

I called my husband that night shaking like a leaf. Not only was he ecstatic, he wanted details, photos (none taken), and the whole story when he got home.

When he got home, I told him everything and it aroused him so much, we had amazing sex.

Six months after taking up ‘cuckoldery’ the anonymous woman is happy to reveal that her and her husband have a boyfriend.

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Nobody is really sure why the fetish is on the rise, but some psychologists reckon it could be to do with repressed male bisexuality, masochism or even pride in women’s unrestrained sex lives.

The man behind the book Insatiable Wives: Women Who Stray and the Men Who Love Them, Dr David Ley, has said it may be as simple as doing something taboo.

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He told Psychology Today:

It’s essential to grasp that what might be humiliating about imagining one’s wife having sex with another male is, in its idealized formulation, transformed into something not humiliating at all but engrossingly erotic.

When an otherwise well-controlled heterosexual male dares to visually create his wife’s violating her marital vows, and possibly his even encouraging her to do so, he’s playing a vital role in what we might call a ‘double transgression’ of society’s norms.

Basically by making himself a cuckold, albeit one who gave their consent to do so, the man in question allows himself to indulge in his forbidden fantasies.


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