Men Vs Women: Which Sex Is Better At Lying?

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We all assume the world would be a much better place if we were all a bit more honest with each other.

So perhaps women should all be taking a leaf out of men’s books, as a new study – courtesy of Honest bottled herbal teas – has found men are the more honest sex.

The survey, conducted on 2,100 people found that women lie more frequently in the workplace, in their relationships and about their well-being.

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But the news that women lie more frequently does not necessarily mean the female sex is wholly made up of masters of deception out to lie, cheat and trick others.

In fact, the reason for the spike in female dishonesty is rather sweet.

Women are much more likely to bend the truth or tell little white lies to avoid hurting someone’s feelings, reports The Mirror.

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Which sounds hypocritical, but men may be grateful for the two-faced approach the next time they’re stood up on a date because the woman had ‘a family emergency’; a tactic that saves egos, a lot of social awkwardness and the price of dinner…

Statistically, 37 per cent of women but only 27 per cent of men have made up a fake excuse in order to get out of a date.

And come Christmas, women are much better at hiding their disappointment over misguided presents: Six in ten women (60 per cent) would say they liked a gift when they didn’t, when only 43 per cent of men would grin and bear the dodgy cologne that smells like pretence and mouldy pine cones.

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The women surveyed were more likely to exist in an inward state of denial than men too, with one in three female dieters (33 per cent) saying they have cheated on a weight loss regime without telling anyone compared to just 23 per cent of men.

But when it comes to pulling sickies, we’re united in our dishonesty, with 39 per cent of women faking an illness as well as 37 per cent of men. That’s more than a third of us who just can’t be bothered sometimes.

We’ve all told a little white lie about our tardiness too: 35 per cent of both men and women have told someone they are on route to meet when, in fact, they haven’t left the house.

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We’re all kids at heart, no matter what our gender, so over half of both sexes (58 per cent) say they are always ‘completely honest’ with their parents. Which leaves the rest of us valiantly keeping up long-standing family lies about vomiting in your dad’s shoes after too many WKDs.

In happy relationship news, 72 per cent of both sexes are always honest with their partner too, according to the survey.

But next time you play Would I Lie To You?, pick the girls for your team first. They’re seasoned pros.