Most Popular Woman In The World Of Online Dating Reveals All

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An American woman who was once dubbed the most popular online dater in the world has revealed her tips for eager men as well as some of the weirdest things she’s experienced in the online dating world…

Lauren Urasek, 26, claimed that back in the day she was an ‘ugly duckling’ but in 2013, after breaking up with her then boyfriend, she joined OKCupid and was inundated with messages from single males, reports the Mirror.

In fact she was bombarded by messages and ratings so much that OKCupid themselves announced that she was the most popular heterosexual female on their site.

Every week she was receiving 245 messages, around 35 individual messages everyday.

After just three months on the site Lauren had amassed over 15,000 four and five star ratings.

But as you can probably expect – with that much attention, and with that many guys desperate to take you out on a date, a lot of creepy shit comes with it.

Who the fuck decided what was appropriate anyway?

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A lot of the messages were just the typical creepy ones such as: ‘Where else on ur body do u have tatz?’, ‘What’s the biggest you’ve taken?’, ‘Wanna trade naughty pics’, and ‘I’m a phenomenal kisser. When can I impress you?’.

Lauren also went on her fair share of dates – and yes, some of those were pretty odd to.

She told the Mirror:

I went out with this guy one time who seemed great at first and a couple hours into the date he seemed to have a split personality.

He started calling me his fiancée in front of strangers and got extremely jealous when I started a conversation with a random girl at the restaurant we were at.

He also got into a fight with a cab driver and invited his super weird cousin to come hang out with us.

On another date one guy asked her to take part in a ‘girlfriend interview’ while another went in for a kiss before even ten minutes had passed.

Nothing like spending 20 minutes shapin up ya browz. ?

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However Lauren did offer some advice for all the guys out there looking for a date online.

Her five biggest tips were:

  1. Use clear and current photos
  2. Don’t wear sunglasses, go shirtless or use a group shot
  3. Write unique things on your profile
  4. Use proper grammar and don’t make spelling mistakes
  5. Send respectful and thoughtful messages

Take from that what you will guys…