People Who Cheat Are More Likely To Dump You For Infidelity

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Monogamy is a pattern of human behaviour observed throughout time but, sadly, with monogamy comes infidelity.

Like the classic good cop/bad cop trope, society can’t seem to have one without the other – and we all love to loathe the bad cop who cheats.

The list of The Cheater’s undesirable traits just got that little bit longer too, thanks to a study that found cheaters are more likely to dump their partners for being unfaithful.


Researchers from Penn State have analysed a study from the 1990s which followed a group of loved-up teenagers for over two decades to find out more about why people cheat.

These young heterosexual couples, who are either married or co-habiting, reported some pretty damning evidence.

The study showed that 1 in 4 had cheated, with men more likely to admit to infidelity than women.


Among those, cheaters generally explained their partner’s infidelity with ‘union dissolution’ – in other words a break down of the relationship – but when it comes to their own infidelities will come up with any number of other excuses.

In a sad twist of fate, the study proves that you’re more likely to be dumped for straying if your partner has already done the dirty on you, reports the Metro.


Science and human behaviour experts have long tried to figure out what makes people cheat, be it biological instinct, attachment issues or sheer 21st century boredom.

At least now science has confirmed what we suspected: That cheaters are, by and large, huge hypocrites.