Sex Doctor Reveals Best Sex Positions For You

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The Kama Sutra describes 64 sexual acts, and no doubt there are hundreds more that modern ‘sexperimentalist’ have created.

But most of us actually only dabble within a handful of the main ones…how closed-legged of us.

Well this guy, Sex Doctor, Dr. Zuckerman from Between Us Clinic, is giving us his insight about what positions suit our needs:

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That’s right, this guy.

Anyway (stop judging), in an article for BroBibleDr Zuckerman discusses the benefits and drawbacks of the top five sex positions.

The first one up for questioning is much-loved but often mediocre missionary position. Often associated with religious Westerners, it is seen as the most romantic position because of all that eye contact and lip contact.

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(Any micro-penises, listen up) Zuckerman’s insight on missionary position is: 

Pros The missionary position is good for couples who want to get pregnant, since the man is able to penetrate deeply and ejaculate close to the cervix. The chance increases even more if the woman lifts her buttocks.

It is also good for men with a smaller penis, since it allows the man to make more aggressive movements without the penis sliding out.

Unfortunately for women though it can be one of the hardest position to reach orgasm in because the clitoris gets ignored (breaking the no.1 sex rule).

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The woman on top, loved by the best women and lazy men alike. With ancient origins in Greece, the perpedendicular penetration is far better for female stimulation and who doesn’t love being dominated.

Zuckerman commented on the female-dominated position:

This position allows the man to pleasure the woman with his hands, such as caressing her breasts or stimulating her clitoris.

Many men find it easier to control ejaculation while being passive; therefore sex therapists often recommend it for men who have trouble controlling their ejaculation.

Cons Some men don’t feel comfortable being passive. They may feel uneasy and threatened by the lack of control. Also, if the woman is very active in her movements the penis can slide out of the vagina, especially if the man has a smaller penis.

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Doggy style – everyone’s secret animalistic favourite. Not one for romantics, but I guess if you really want the eye contact you can always look in the mirror.

Zuckerman argues that doggy style allows for deeper penetration, making it better for both partners, especially “men who are turned on by female buttocks” (they’re out there somewhere).

He said:

The woman can also enjoy double stimulation if the man stimulates her clitoris with his hands while penetrating.

This position can be arousing for men who are turned on by female buttocks or the idea of anal sex.

Cons In this position the vagina shortens, and if the man moves aggressively he can accidentally pound the uterus, causing the woman pain. Another con is a perceived lack of intimacy, since there is no eye contact.

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Sideways is the perfect compromise. The sex position of equals, with eye contact, and one hand each (not really sure what is happening with the other one at this point though).

Zuckerman says how this one is great if you’re worried about being to heavy and crushing your partner, but there are also serious cons with the difficulty level:

He said: “It can be difficult to insert the penis; even once it’s inside the vagina it can slide out easily. It is also more difficult for the man to make movements. For that reason it is not good for men with smaller penises. It is, however, a nice position for couples who like to take things slow, be intimate, and caress each other.”

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Lastly, an important variation of missionary is the gracefully named ‘Woman lying or sitting on the edge of the bed and man standing or kneeling’. It allows for all the pros of missionary but women can also have clitoral stimulation. The only negative is that men could experience knee pain if they’re kneel…if they’re doing it right they shouldn’t notice slight knee pain.

So there you have it, a sex doctor the same age as your great grandparents has given you some sex advice.

How does that make you feel?