These Are The Six Signs You’re Good In Bed

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Blokes have you ever wondered whether you’re good in the bedroom? Well don’t. Confidence comes from within not from arbitrary lists made up by other people.

If however you’re not inclined to listen to my advice why not check out ‘these six signs you’re good in bed’ because generalisations are fun.

The Sun, in article that competes with the toilet water TV programme Loose Women in terms of unintended sexism, have consulted with their sex and relationship columnist to work out what the six signs a man will be good in bed are.

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Dr Pam Spurr writes that countless times women have written to her complaining they’ve been disappointed when a guy who ‘looked so hot’ turned out to be a dud in bed, because you should always judge a book by its cover.

So to counter this Dr Spurr has compiled a checklist of body language signs that reveal how competent a man’s going to be in the bedroom.

He keeps his eyes on the prize…

Dr Spurr explains that top shaggers can focus on what’s in front of them and aren’t easily distracted by their phones, TV, the mirrored ceiling any of that nonsense.

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It’s all about your partner…

An Olympic level bonker keeps his eye on the woman in front of him and isn’t distracted by other women around them.

Managing to maintain eye contact hints at a deep-level attraction and bodes well for what’s going to happen in the bedroom.

Sit up straight…

A man who knows a thing or two about sex well apparently have a nice, relaxed but confident posture. If he’s stressed and rigid then there’s a worry he’ll bring that tension into the bedroom.

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Listens to you on a deeper level…

Good sex as the old cliche goes comes from good communication but this goes beyond physical talking and is about listening. A good listener shows that he deeply cares for his partner.

Good with his hands…

Jokes about the size of your hands aside good, physical dexterity is always a good sign. So according to The Sun if you’re competent at basic tasks like drinking, eating food and answering the phone then congratulations you are a sex god.