These Women Are Turned On By Premature Ejaculation

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These Women Are Turned On By Premature Ejaculation giphy 107

While we here at UNILAD respect the fact that sexuality is a broad church we never expected to read that some women actually like men who suffer from premature ejaculation.

Yes, in a thread on Reddit asking What fetish are you ashamed or embarrassed to admit you enjoy? Why? one brave Redditor confessed to loving blokes who cum a bit too soon.

She wrote:

I’m a woman, and I’m extremely turned on by premature ejaculation, especially if the guy seems really embarrassed or apologetic.

These Women Are Turned On By Premature Ejaculation giphy 106

Surprisingly though she wasn’t alone and another wrote that she finds its totally flattering, as in her head she can’t help but think: “Fuck yeah I’m that good he couldn’t control himself.”

So being committed journalists who aren’t suffering from a Sunday hangover we did some digging and discovered that yes, this is a legitimate fetish and for our own amusement we’re going call women who like ‘Prema Donnas’.

One ‘Prema Donna’ confessed in a revealing ‘ask me anything‘ on Reddit that she enjoys it when a bloke tries to pull back but just can’t stop himself and the control she feels in that moment.

These Women Are Turned On By Premature Ejaculation giphy 108

The unashamed Redditor confessed that she does everything she can to make blokes cum as quickly as possible and she’s got pretty handy at it.

She explained her latest encounter:

The fastest I’ve made some guy cum was this cute guy who invited me over some Thursday night. After making out for a few minutes, I let my hand wander down to his dick just to feel around. Literally right after I came in contact with his cock, he tensed up and I felt a wet spot shortly after.

He was super embarrassed and blamed it on a dry spell he had been on, but I was like ‘nooo I actually like it’ which he didn’t believe, but oh well I tried to make him feel better.

If you too share this peculiar fetish then Redditors recommend the subreddit /r/prematurecumshots where you can enjoy videos of gents spaffing a bit too soon.

I guess this proves there’s something for everyone…