This Exercise Will Make Your Sex Life Way Better

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It’s the muscle that starts and stops your urine stream, the one that holds an erection, and deepens the female orgasm.

And the best bit…you can exercise it right now at your desk. Go on, I dare you.


The pelvic floor muscle is its name, and strong erections are its game.

Here’s a helpful graphic to illustrate:

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The pelvic floor is like a trampoline, Elite Daily reports, if our trampoline is firm, yet flexible, we are in the best possible position to bounce higher into orgasmic heaven.


Men, you know those muscles that stop you peeing are exactly the ones you use to hold off ejaculation and make you last longer in bed.

Weak pelvic floor muscles can allow organs to sag, putting pressure on the blood vessels in the area.

But if pelvic floor muscles are too tight, it can cause trouble getting erections, pain during intercourse, and urge incontinence (have the feeling of really needing to pee, but then only a few drops come out).

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Here are a choice of stretches that you can build into your day:

  1. Penis weight-lifting. Get your penis erect, then use the muscles at the base to lift it up and down. You can make this a better workout by hanging a towel over the penis. If that is still really easy, try wetting the towel.
  2. Peeing in bursts. For both men and women, practice interrupting the stream of your urine 2-3 times each time you go. Make sure to fully relax the muscles afterward, so you fully empty your bladder at the end.
  3. Perineum lifts. Sit so that your perineum touches something (you may need a small pillow), then squeeze the perineum upwards. Try to get it completely off the chair or pillow.
  4. Anus lifts. Squeeze and release the muscles around the anus.

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It’s entertaining to make eye contact with a colleague and exercise your pelvic floor…not creepy at all.

Go forth and improve your orgasms.


Elite Daily