Women Will Have The Best Sex At This Time In The Month

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I can’t say I’ve noticed particular peaks in the month (maybe that says more about my sex life), but it turns out that women have a golden time for sexual pleasure.

New research from the University of Virginia charted the hormonal changes in 115 women aged between 23 and 44 with each volunteer completing two surveys about their level of interest in sex and satisfaction in orgasms.

It turns out that the middle of the month, close to ovulation, triggers a spike in women’s arousel and enjoyment of sex.

In evolutionary terms it makes complete sense that women are more inclined to fuck (I want to get ICF to catch on) when they are at their most fertile.

According to the Independent, ovulation usually happens around 10-16 days before the next period.

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Another study, which monitored masturbation of  147 heterosexual and 89 gay women throughout their menstrual cycles, recorded their basal body temperatures (known to increase during sexual arousel).

It turned out that women’s BBTs  were noticeably higher around the time of ovulation compared to the rest of the month.

Of course this is just a few studies, and numerous other factors can affect libido and sexual pleasure, like diet, stress…and the attractiveness of your partner.

So there you have it, the best time to bang. Make the most of your newly discovered shagging window.


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