UK Company Gives Away Free Cannabis To Drive Medicinal Legalisation Campaign

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UK Company Gives Away Free Cannabis To Drive Medicinal Legalisation Campaign 070316AM 010Sam Ridgway | UNILAD

Cannabis use has been somewhat of a controversial topic over the past few decades, but with thousands of studies constantly popping up inciting incredible medicinal benefits, as well as the fact that legalisation would raise Ā£1 billion in tax revenue, it’s looking like things might change very soon.

As more and more people get involved in petitions for relaxed drug laws, one company has taken a slightly different approach.

Over the next few weeks the creators behind MediPen are launching a new campaign in the UK in order to petition the government for unrestricted medical cannabis use following the success of the launch of their legal Cannabis (CBD) vaporiser. Their plan is to gather as much feedback from real medicinal Cannabis users as possible in order to present a comprehensive report that will hopefully open the eyes of politicians who are failing to understand why exactly it should be legalised.

We reached out to MediPen to find out a bit more about their plans for their medicinal legislation campaign and here’s what MediPen director Jordan Owen had to say:

“It’s been a very exciting year for all of us involved in this project. Thanks to all of our heartwarming user feedback and positive press coverage word has spread like wildfire surrounding the positive attributes of Cannabis and the issues surrounding current Cannabis prohibition laws in the UK. As the industry leaders in the UK CBD market we are pleased to announce the launch of our community-driven campaign for the legalisation of medicinal Cannabis.

UK Company Gives Away Free Cannabis To Drive Medicinal Legalisation Campaign gagagaSam Ridgway | UNILAD

The aim behind our #MEDIMONDAY campaign is to create a user-centric platform where medicinal Cannabis users can compellingly communicate their reasoning for wanting, in most cases desperately needing, a reform in current prohibition laws. With over 1 million medicinal Cannabis users in the UK alone, it’s time for us to work together and finally have our voices heard!

With enough consolidated feedback from medicinal Cannabis users across the UK we believe this will be able to efficiently leverage enough support from politicians who are still unsure as to why Cannabis should be legalised for medicinal use. Every Monday as a part of our campaign we will be rewarding participants with a chance to receive a free MediPenĀ® Starter Kit as an incentive to get involved and support the cause!”

That’s right guys, you could receive a free Cannabis vaporiser just by spending a minute sharing your reason for wanting medicinal Cannabis to be legalised in the UK. If you want to get involved then you can do so on the official MediPen page here.