It Turns Out Watching Porn Could Help Save The Whales

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whales facethumb featured It Turns Out Watching Porn Could Help Save The WhalesPornhub

PornHub is going above and beyond to help a good cause, and no we’re not talking about what you get up to in your ‘you time’.

The adult website is planning on helping to save whales through its latest initiative, ‘PornHub Cares, Save the Whales campaign’.

Their latest charitable scheme will be a month-long fundraising and awareness movement, dedicated to preserving the world’s most marvelous aquatic mammal.

According to them, this will include the ‘endangered sperm whale which is especially dear to PornHub’.

whales featured It Turns Out Watching Porn Could Help Save The WhalesWikimedia

The initiative will launch on World Whale Day this February 13, and PornHub will donate 1 cent (0.7 pence) for every 2,000 video views on the site through to February 29.

This may sound like nothing, but considering the site get 2.1 million visits per hour, that whale money is going to be rolling in.

Corey Price, Vice President of PornHub, said:

Here at PornHub, we care deeply about the environment and the preservation of wildlife.

We’re now asking our community turn their attention to – and help save – a different type of blowhole, one that belongs to a majestic species that once swelled in numbers throughout the oceans before commercial industries initiated their demise.

As part of the campaign, PornHub has set up a safe for work landing page that directs all traffic to the main site.

Via a tracking counter, this will clocks the number of users, videos, and funds being collected in real-time as folks look to blow their loads for a good cause.