A Lot More People Are Seeing Your Sexts Than You Realise

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Bad news for those fond of the sending the odd saucy Snapchat or message, chances are that loads of people have probably seen your sexts and pics. 

According to new research over half of us have sent a sext but a quarter of us are guilty of sharing these sexy snaps with friends and colleagues.

It’s not just sharing with one person either, instead the average person share their private sexts with up to three other mates, The Daily Star reports.

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These shocking figures came from research carried out at Indiana University where they quizzed over 5,800 people and discovered that 75 per cent of those polled weren’t comfortable with their sexts being shared.

Meanwhile research done by O2 seemed to confirm that Millennials are pretty bad at sexting the right person, with over 25 per cent of them accidentally messaging the wrong person.

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Nina Bibby, marketing and consumer director at O2, said:

Our research reveals that for everyone, but especially the younger generation, it’s now the new normal that our mobile phones have become an integral part of our love lives.

It’s especially true in the summer, whether we’re messaging a new holiday romance or a loved one back home.

At O2 we understand that your phone is far more than a phone, but if you’re using it to find love this summer take care when pressing send.

Not to be a prude, we all like a bit of harmless fun, but maybe make sure you can trust the person you’re sexting before hitting send next time…


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