A Lot Of Straight Men Are Having Sex With Guys, Apparently

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Fascinating new statistics published by the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) have revealed that openly gay men make up less than a third of men who have had same-sex encounters.

According to Mic, the report is based on survey answers from more than 9,000 respondents who were asked about their sexual experiences.


Remarkably, the figures show that while 1.9 per cent of men in the study identified as gay and 2 per cent said they were bisexual, 6.2 per cent of men reported having same-sex encounters.

So, among the respondents, openly gay men actually made up the smallest group of men who’ve had sex with guys.

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Roughly 95 per cent of the men who were surveyed identified themselves as heterosexual, but 2.8 per cent of them reported having engaged in anal or oral sex with another man.

This percentage is actually down from the last time the CDC released a similar report in 2011, when 3.2 per cent of straight men said they’d had a same-sex encounter.

These numbers seem to indicate the stereotypical belief that women are sexually fluid and men aren’t is seriously outdated. Admittedly, it is still almost three times more likely that women will dabble in same-sex contact than men, but the stats do suggest that men’s desires are just as complex as women’s, regardless of whether they identify as straight or gay.

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The results seem to support the feeling that young people are increasingly moving away from traditional sexual labels and viewing sexuality more and more as a grey area, rather than black and white.

As more studies and reports are conducted, these results are simply highlighting the fact that sexual orientation is a complicated issue which is likely to result in a variety of different experiences for every individual – experiences and emotions that it’s impossible to put a number on.


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