A Quarter Of You Are Having Sex At The Gym, Apparently

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A Quarter Of You Are Having Sex At The Gym, Apparently gym1Ann Summers

It seems that as well as shedding that holiday weight and getting trim, many people could have an ulterior motive for hitting the gym this year.

According to the Independent, a recent survey of gym-goers has revealed that over half said they used the gym as a hook-up spot, while 25 per cent had escalated the situation and actually had sex there.

Renowned high street sex shop Ann Summers polled 2,000 people, and revealed that as many as 70 per cent of women admitted to fantasising about their personal trainer during sex.

A fifth of gym-goers have even ‘done the dirty’ with their fitness guru.

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The survey also revealed that an optimistic 10 per cent carried a condom in their gym bag, just in case they got lucky, while two-thirds admitted that the thought of having sex at the gym actually encouraged them to exercise.

However, it does seem like at least a little exercise is getting done in between all the endorphin-fuelled shagging, and most people seem to think that it has indeed improved their sex-lives.

Squats are said to help people have sex standing up and doggy style, with 67 per cent of regular female gym goers claiming 30 a day made them better in bed.

45 per cent of women said that lifting 5kg weights once a day for 15 minutes gives them better orgasms with their partner, because it allows them to lift and control their core body weight during sex.

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Others use the gym equipment to try and attract a partner – over half of the men surveyed revealed they use the lat pulldown machine to flaunt their biceps and pecs.

On the other hand, 45 per cent of women prefer the cross trainer for showing-off, as they believe it makes their bums more pert.

Dr Dan Rutherford, a private GP, told The Telegraph:

Working out pumps the body full of endorphins, which boosts self-esteem.

People who feel unhappy with themselves, with their body, fitness level or whose mood is low for other reasons, usually find that their libido mirrors their general feelings.

So, if getting in shape wasn’t enough to get you off the couch, just look at all the fun you’re missing out on.


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