Attention: Beer Makes You Better In Bed

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You know how people tell you all that beer isn’t good for you?

It makes you fat, poor and hungover?

Well apparently, according to new research, it actually does some pretty impressive things as well – even making you better in bed, and that’s not all.


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It makes you last longer

According to sex expert Doctor Kat, if you drink beer, sex will go on and on.

That’s because the phytoestrogens in alcohol delay ejaculation, meaning it will be longer before you finish.

And let’s be honest, no one would complain at that.

Dark beer is an aphrodisiac

While this doesn’t work for red wine, apparently, dark ales get you in the mood.


This is done as the iron in darker beer helps your red blood cells create haemoglobin, carrying oxygen around the body.

It means you essentially get a stronger erection and are more turned on.

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It calms your stomach

Far from being bad for you, beer has probiotic qualities that make you feel less nauseous if you’ve been drinking.

The next morning you’ll still feel like shit, but during the night, beer will make it all better apparently.

It gives you more endurance

If you have a pint a day, it will mean you are 31% less likely to suffer a stroke, or a heart-attack.


The good people at Fondazione di Ricerca e Cura in Italy say this will mean you are fitter, healthier and can keep things going for longer.

So there you have it. Drink all the beer.