Brexit Has Had A Surprising Effect On Prostitution

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Brexit Has Had A Surprising Effect On Prostitution PA 26760412PA

Thousands of escorts from eastern Europe are apparently set to overload the UK before we finally leave the EU. 

Countless escorts from countries such as Bulgaria, Romania, Albania are already based in the UK because there is a lot more money to be made over here in the adult industry than there is in their home nations, reports the Daily Star.

But following Britain’s decision last week to leave the EU in two years, it is rumoured that thousands upon thousands more adult workers will come to the UK to make the most of what’s left before we eventually leave.

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Speaking to the Daily Star, a 20-year-old escort from Romania, called Anna, said that the very real possibility of more adult workers coming from abroad will force her to charge less for her services.

She said:

I have been here three years and can now earn £1,000 in a week. I used to work in a massage parlour but the boss took too much of my money.

I work hard – seven days a week and 24/7 but more ladies coming from back home will not be good for me here. They will be sleeping with men for just £10.

Another escort called Kirsty said:

Leaving the EU is just going to mean loads more girls from Eastern Europe coming while the going is good. They charge bugger all so it means we have all got to drop our prices.

This news comes as the UK faces increasing scrutiny regarding the legality of escorting.

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Many believe that without EU regulations, sex workers will be unable to argue that self-employed sex work is a legitimate job.

If this happens, they could be forced away from the UK by authorities, however The English Collective of Prostitutes have argued countless times that making sex work even more illegal will force them to hide from the police which could have huge implications for the safety of sex workers.

Just yesterday The Guardian revealed that MP’s had too argued for the decriminalisation of sex work while urging for a crackdown on those who try to exploit them.