China’s Creepy Solution For Lonely Guys Who Don’t Want To Cheat

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UNILAD SEXDOLL551809 640x426 Chinas Creepy Solution For Lonely Guys Who Dont Want To

As more and more Chinese workers are forced to leave behind their wives and families in order to find work, thousands of them have found those cold, lonely nights away from their loved ones too much to bare.

In a bizarre effort to combat their loneliness, and to avoid cheating on their wives, many of them are turning their affections to expensive – and creepy –  life-like sex dolls.


That’s right, instead of turning to prostitutes or casual sex, thousands of men apparently buy the high-quality dolls which boast features such as lifelike skin, adjustable hands, a removable head and genitals.

UNILAD SEXDOLL357585 507x426 Chinas Creepy Solution For Lonely Guys Who Dont Want To

Yi Jiange, a salesman at a sex shop in Beijing says most clients are professionals in their 30s and 40s. He said: “If a married man refuses to see prostitutes and uses a doll instead, isn’t it admirable?”

He revealed that some men become emotionally attached, calling themselves ‘friends of dolls’ and use anonymous online forums to share reviews and advice.


UNILAD SEXDOLL467649 640x426 Chinas Creepy Solution For Lonely Guys Who Dont Want To

An automotive designer called Liu, who has been happily married for over ten years, forked out £1,400 (a month’s wages) on his buxom model, but found the experience disappointing.

He told The Japan Times:

Honestly, it is very easy to just pay a little money to find a woman in China, but I simply cannot bring myself to cheat on my wife, so I have never considered it. As an industrial designer I can’t neglect the lack of realistic details, so I just used it a few times.


Maybe he’ll be able to get a few quid for it on eBay, mind you, you definitely wouldn’t want a second-hand one…

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