Data Confirms Top 10 Most Adulterous Places In The UK

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A dating app for cheaters has created a list of the top 10 places in the UK where you’re most likely to find your one true love getting down and dirty with the milkman.

A survey conducted by Illicit Encounters, an app dedicated to helping horny cheats hook up with other people, has provided a list of their highest concentrated number of members, as reported in The Sun.

And, it turns out that if you’re married and in High Wycombe, you might want to get your hands on a divorce petition.

Here’s the full top 10:

1. High Wycombe
2. Guildford
3. Aldershot
4. Beeston
5. Cumbernauld
6. Maidenhead
7. Runcorn
8. Ashford
9. Taunton
10. Newcastle-under-Lyme

Christian Grant, a spokesman for the website, said:

We are increasingly popular in commuter towns like High Wycombe, Guildford, Maidenhead and Ashford. They are doing a lot more than just twitching curtains in Acacia Avenue.

Spiralling house prices have made divorce increasingly difficult for many couples. They are struggling along unhappily because they simply cannot afford to set up two homes.

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What may come as a shock to some is that the most faithful area of the UK is Brentwood in Essex – disproving the myth that Essex boys and girls are rife with debauchery.

One user of the site, going under the name Charlotte Bronte, said:

I wrote my profile one night and by the next night, had received so many wonderful responses. However, one stood out and we met the very next day. I’m now at the start of the most thrilling, romantic affair with the most amazing gentleman. I can’t believe how lucky I’ve been.

Since the site was created 13 years ago, over a million married flirts have signed up for membership.



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