Girls Reveal Everything About Faking Orgasms

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I’m sure that at some point or other you’re going to question whether your partners soul shattering screaming orgasm was all that real – and this video will make you even more self conscious. 

The curious guys over at DefinePranks hit to the streets and asked that vital question to women everywhere – have you ever faked an orgasm?

And yes, you’ll be sad to hear that every single woman asked had indeed faked an orgasm, some of them more often than not.

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One girl interviewed, called Mary, frankly replies: “Of course! I mean, who doesn’t, right?” while another says she does it ‘all the time’.

As the interviewer’s inquisitive mind lures into unknown heights he asks, how can you tell if your partners earth moving orgasm is real or fake.

Mary bluntly says:

If she’s not sweating, shaking and shivering [then she’s probably faking it].

Whereas Nadi said:

If her facial expressions don’t match her sound, then she’s probably faking it.

One of the girls even goes so far as to do her best impression of an orgasm – both real and fake – before adding ‘I’m always so conscious that my fake is so fake, but they never know’.

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However a recent study found that a helluva lot of guys fake orgasms too, so ladies you’re not alone.

After being questioned on the subject, results showed that the men interviewed were faking it in at least a quarter of all sexual encounters, including sex and foreplay.

But what’s your take on all of this?