Guy Awkwardly Interrupts Couple’s Private Time In A Car, Tweets It

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Guy Awkwardly Interrupts Couples Private Time In A Car, Tweets It sex in cars

Twitter isn’t usually the place for long stories, but this guy’s tale of how he accidentally discovered two strangers having sex while out walking his dog is a huge exception.

Gone are the days of telling your mates an incredible story over a few pints, but as is the norm nowadays, he felt that this story was too good not to share on social media.

It all started when London-based writer Joe Craig took to Twitter on Wednesday to hint that something pretty massive had happened to him the night before.

He had set the stage for a cracking story and finally revealed it in the early hours of Thursday morning. One thing is for sure, it didn’t disappointed.

Things escalated very quickly…

Just, wow. This girl pretty much summed up the whole situation perfectly.

That’ll put these guys off late night walks for a while…