High School Sexting Ring Leaves Authorities Baffled On What To Do

By : Rebecca Knight |


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Authorities in one Colorado town have been left stunned after learning of a huge sexting ring at a local school.

Police were alarmed to realise that the sexting ring involved over 100 different kids, with a massive 300 to 400 photos doing the rounds.

CaƱon City High School is in a town with only 16,000 residents, and the close community had no idea of what was taking place – and do not even know how best to proceed.

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Most of the people involved in the scandal are minors, making the authorities reluctant to charge them with the alleged crimes of possession and distribution of child pornography.

Formal charges are still a possibility for some of the ring leaders, but the District attorney stated he will use ‘discretion’ and will not see hundreds of kids arrested.