Hilarious Hashtag Shows Us Exactly Why Tinder Isn’t Real Life

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Hilarious Hashtag Shows Us Exactly Why Tinder Isnt Real Life Tinder movie

Anyone who takes online dating profiles as a good representation of that person is either an extreme optimist or just a bit new to system…

In this narcissistic age of constant spruced up selfies flooding our social media pages, some Tinder users have decided to abandon the charade and get hilariously real on Twitter.

The #OnTinderAtTinder hashtag has risen and it pretty much sums up why the whole thing of glamming yourself up for your profile pic is completely pointless.

It’s quite nice to see this lot take the piss out of themselves a little bit, while highlighting how we present ourselves on social media and dating sites, compared to how we actually look in real life.

Here’s just a few more of the best ones…

Then people started mocking the hashtag, just because…

Oh internet, you’ve done it again…


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