HIV ‘Sex Roulette’ Parties Are Now A Thing Apparently

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It seems that every month or so a bizarre new trend comes onto the scene but most of the time they’re not life-threatening – just stupid. However this one is incredibly dangerous. And no, this isn’t clickbait. Just straight up terrifying. 

Sex roulette parties are the new big thing in Spain; Barcelona in particular, and see a group of people get together for a completely unprotected sex orgy where at least one unidentified member of the group has HIV, without telling anybody involved.

Named after Russian roulette, the sex parties are aimed at people who desire to add a sense of danger to their sex lives by inviting a ‘secret’ HIV carrier to the orgy.

But as you can probably imagine, partaking in the act has utterly devastating consequences.

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According to the Irish Independent, Barcelona’s Hospital Clinic is currently treating around 4,500 patients affected by the virus and sees up to 100 visits a day regarding HIV.

Psychosexual therapist Kate Morley has tried to explain why such a life-threatening trend would take on, saying:

Going to sex roulette parties is about the risk, partygoers think the higher the risk, the stronger the thrill.

In the case of sex parties the intense high is as you combine orgasm with high adrenaline. However the high is short term and the long term consequences are dangerous as not only is there the risk of contracting HIV, but other harmful sexually transmitted infections.

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You might be surprised to learn that the trend involving the chance of catching an STI after having sex with strangers isn’t exactly new – in fact, peoples sexual urges have often led them to the incredibly dangerous desire.

Back in 2013, press from around the world commented on the craze known as Bugchasing, which similar to sex roulette, sees people meeting others online in order to spread HIV.

However, differently from sex roulette, the reckless self-proclaimed ‘bugchasers’ seek sexual partners who are openly HIV-positive for the sole purpose of meeting up, having unprotected sex, and becoming HIV-positive.

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Those who are already HIV positive are known as giftgivers and they are the ones who comply with the bugchaser’s desires to become infected with HIV.

Even as far back as 1989, the French author, Cyril Collard, wrote about the perils of being sexually promiscuous while carrying HIV.

In the book and film, Savage Nights (Les Nuits Fauves), Collard writes about a young man who sleeps around with people without telling them of his disease until afterwards – somewhat similar to the disturbing and worrying new trend of sex roulette.

What a bizarre world we live in.