How I Told My Parents I Have Sex For Money

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I imagine one of the hardest things a porn star has to do is tell their parents they have sex on camera for a living.

I’d think family reunions would be pretty awkward, to say the least.

A new book has set out to explore this very issue – ‘Coming Out Like a Porn Star’. And as a little sneak peak the New York Post has interviewed some adult entertainers who feature in the collection, asking them to share their stories.


Joanna Angel

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Joanna Angel decided to tell her parents straight away that she was launching a porn site with her roommate, in case they found out from somewhere else.

Angel was 21 at the time and her parents — an Orthodox Jewish couple from New Jersey — dealt with it pretty well. She told the Post: “Mom was like: ‘This is just a phase, right?’ Then she asked: ‘Will people see you naked?’”

Her dad’s response was even better. After worrying about her safety, he then warned her that it’s never a good idea to go into business with a friend.

“There were a few distant aunts, uncles and cousins who got angry at my mom and dad for not disowning me, but all it did was make us closer. They were like: ‘Don’t tell us how to raise our daughter!’”, Angel said.

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But her fame made for a potentially awkward moment at a company picnic her dad put on, when a new employee recognised her, asking Angel if it was really her.


She replied ‘yes’, and later on, after a few drinks to build up some Dutch Courage, the man went up to his boss and said: “Wow! I didn’t realize your daughter was Joanna Angel!”

As Angel remembers – “My dad just laughed”.

Jesse Jackman

UNILAD Jesse Jackman59568 How I Told My Parents I Have Sex For MoneyJesse Jackman

In 2012 Jesse Jackman realised his mother might already know about his career when he was using her computer, and accidentally stumbled across an open browser window with his x-rated blog.

The 42-year-old told the Post: “Mom had discovered [my] secret side. The blog had links to kinky photographs and BDSM video clips where I’m having sex.”

He decided to tackle it head on, and organised a family dinner where he would come clean about his work.


“I’m so happy we’re talking about this,” his mother replied when he broke the news.

It transpired she’d actually known for months, after seeing a deposit from a source she didn’t recognise on their linked bank account – turns out it was the company that makes Jackman’s movies.

Jackman said: “Mom’s a retired university professor, so she knew how to do her research.” And to his relief, his mum’s only concern was for his safety. Apart from that, she approved of his career choice.


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