Kanye West Responds To Amber Rose’s ‘Finger Booty’ Tweet

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Unless you were hiding out in a cave over the last few days, you probably saw Twitter explode after Kanye West had a nasty spat with Wiz Khalifa.

In one of the most ridiculous twitter fights of all time, it all got a bit heated after Wiz wasn’t too impressed with Kanye changing his upcoming album from Swish to Waves.

Obviously, Kanye West took it upon himself to have a right go at Wiz Khalifa on Wednesday and it was pretty glorious.

But among a series of insults Kanye hurled at Wiz, one in particular got a lot of attention. Kanye seemed to slut shame his and Wiz’s ex, Amber Rose, and it didn’t go down well at all.

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But Amber Rose got her own back in style and went public with some pretty explicit stuff about her’s and Kanye’s sex life.

Funnily enough, this didn’t go too well with Yeezus and he took to Twitter to respond in the most Kanye way possible.

I’ll just leave this here…

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Oh Kanye, why you so serious?


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