Lad Confesses To Secretly Sleeping with Best Mate’s Mum On The Sly

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Lad Confesses To Secretly Sleeping with Best Mates Mum On The Sly american reunion jennifer coolidge stifler

Apparently for some lads the idea of sleeping with your mate’s mum is a dream come true, and this guy managed to live that fantasy with his best friend’s mum on the sly.

He says he began to feel a bit conflicted about the whole betraying a mate thing, though, so he decided to write to The Sun’s own ‘Dear Deidre’ to seek her advice on the situation.

 He wrote:

I had sex with my mate’s mum after a rugby match. I felt on top of the world and since then we have been seeing each other every day. I’m 24 and my friend’s mum is 41. My mate introduced me to his mum after the match. There was an instant attraction. She looks amazing for her age and was so easy to talk to. She’s very curvy and has a lovely smile. When my mate went home his mum said she had some shopping to do. I realised this was my chance to ask her back to my place for a coffee before she hit the shops and she agreed.

So far so sneaky…

Lad Confesses To Secretly Sleeping with Best Mates Mum On The Sly

He continued:

My flat was a bit of a mess so I started to clear up. She began helping me — but when I returned to the living room from taking dirty cups out to the kitchen, she was stripping off to her underwear. I was lost for words. She smiled and slowly walked over to me.

If you’re about to sleep with your mate’s mum, I think the state of your flat is the least of your worries.

Lad Confesses To Secretly Sleeping with Best Mates Mum On The Sly Stiflers mom paul finch

He finished:

We started to kiss passionately and had the most amazing sex. It blew me away. We meet up as much as we can now. The problem is she’s married and has two other kids. I go round there using my mate as an excuse. Neither he nor the rest of his family have any idea. There’s so much tension when we’re all in the same room. We sneak kisses in the kitchen. I want to keep seeing her but I don’t know if it will work.

Thankfully the ever sagely Deidre wasn’t having any of it though, telling him to ‘call it a day’ and focus on his friendship before things implode.

We think that Deidre’s got the right idea, you can’t do that to a mate!


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