Meet ‘The Most Virile Man In The World’, Father To Over 100 Children

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This guy.

Meet Ed ‘The Babymaker’ Houben, potentially the most virile man in the world. The 46-year-old Dutch man has fathered over 100 kids in his quest to provide the world with an alternative method of insemination than the traditional sperm donor.


After starting out donating his sperm at a clinic, he stepped his game up, as he considered this too impersonal, GQ reports. He then started advertising his services online, stating he was keen for a more personal service, where he would let the clients get to know him at their house before bashing out a sample in the toilet.


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On one of these trips things went a bit further. The woman wanted the pregnancy to be even more natural, so she asked Ed to have sex with her. While her husband watched.


He’s now father to 106 babies, two-thirds of which he made by having sex with people’s wives, a third made via artificial insemination, with an additional 30 or so he estimates from his time donating at the clinic.

It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.