People Are Sharing Their Most F*cked Up Sex Stories

By : Joseph Loftus |


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Sex is literally the fuel of life. As a species we cannot survive without it. 

But as sex spiralled out of the animalistic dark ages and into the hedonistic utopia of Sodom & Gomorrah, with it came all sorts of fascinating and weird sex stories. 

One weirdly interested connoisseur of the strange sex story is Reddit user, ZeGermanDoctor, who posted the penultimate ice breaker and rather simple question: ‘What’s the weirdest sex experience you’ve ever had?

And because the world is a hilariously fucked up place, the answers were pretty insane…

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Here’s some of our favourites starting from the somewhat weird, to the really fucked up:

Number One:

Weird as in awkward? Losing my virginity, I had no clue what I was doing.

Weird as in most interesting? I got a BJ from a milf while in a kayak surrounded by seals.


Number Two:

My male friend lost his virginity as a freshman in high school to a junior. The juniors grandmother had just died and they had sex in her old bed with her wheelchair and walker right next to the bed.


Number Three:

Nearly broke my dick while doing doggy style. That was the scariest minute of my life, holding my dick afraid to look down to see if it was actually broken or not.

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And now for the really fucked up…

Number Four:

Initiated sex with girl just as I was peaking on acid for what was the be the first of many countless times to come.

Stopped sexing 3 seconds in and stared at the red LED clock that glared at me angrily from across the endless depths of the dark basement that we were in. An eternity passed, as I lay there still as a cat, silently waiting to pounce on my prey as I hid in the tall grasses.

Suddenly a voice erupted from beneath me; in a bellowing whisper, it echoed, “I’m cold”, to which I gently replied “go”. I then got out of the couch’s mouth, jumped out the basement window and was never to be seen again. Until twenty minutes later.


Number Five:

We had met on okcupid. He was nice, quiet. Our dates usually consisted of making dinner and watching a movie. It took us a month to start making out.

One night we are about to have sex for the first time. At his place, we’re in his room getting into it and all of a sudden he stops. He gets up, goes to his closet and pulls out a rabbit costume.

Then he asks me if I’ll put it on. Cue nervous laughter from both of us. I ask if he’s serious. Yes, yes he was. I went home and we never spoke again.

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Number Six:

I got fucked in the butt by a guy who was pretty big and it hurt so much that I went into shock. I brought him home from the bars and when he put it inside me it hurt so bad that I yelled at him to pull it out, which he did way too quickly and that hurt even more.

It was full on, blindness inducing, ear ringing, cant stand, clammy hands shock. I made him put on a towel and trek across the roommate ridden apartment (while hes wearing a condom over the dick he just had in my ass) to go get me water while I spent the next ten minutes bent over my bed trying not to pass out. I’m a dude by the way.


And finally – Number Seven:

2 inch hard dick. It was umm a surprise.


So there you have it folks!


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