People Have Been Getting Frisky Behind North Korea’s UK Embassy

By : Joseph Loftus |



Last week one of our writers dipped his toe into the world of swinging. It was also a week that saw outrage at an adult film being shot metres from a council HQ.

This week, in sex news, it has been unveiled that a public park behind North Korea’s UK embassy has been invaded by doggers.

The dogging hotspot at Popefield playing fields, Ealing, is situated directly behind the reclusive state’s London headquarters, reports The Sun.

And it has to be said, the suburban terraced house looks incredibly incognito and unembassy-like, keeping in the spirit of the glorious Democratic People’s Republic.


Apparently, the park is listed on numerous dogging sites as a real gem for public sex.

A couple known only as Dick and Doris – obviously – wrote on a particular dogging site:

Looking for dogging partners in the Ealing area. Popefield playing fields is a busy spot. Anyone care to join us?

At a time when North Korea seeks only to intensify its threats to America and their allies, having a good old public shag behind their English home seems almost like a protest – a very British protest.

inbetweeners sex

According to The Sun, a source said:

Jong-un threatens to bomb the US, but his London embassy is under siege.

Possibly the world’s most controversial living dictator, Kim Jong-un has recently threatened to turn Washington and Seoul into ‘flames and ashes’ and demanded further nuclear capability tests in his state.


Just yesterday, North Korea launched two short range ballistic missiles into the Sea of Japan.

The attack came just days after the U.S. and South Korea began their biggest ever joint ‘war games’, as they practice going to war with North Korea.

In a meeting with nuclear scientists on Tuesday, Kim Jong-un told how he will resort to nuclear strikes if there is any aggression from America.



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