Police Called After Woman ‘Chants Pro-ISIS Propaganda During Sex’

By : Jamie Roberts |



This woman took her vigilant look out for terrorists a little too far perhaps.

Apparently an 82-year-old woman from Wisconsin called her local police department to report a neighbour for allegedly chanting, ‘ISIS is good, ISIS is great’ during sex.

The women requested officers attended the scene, but police advised her to just call back if she heard more chanting, CBS 58 reports.

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When asked about the chanting incident local Police Chief Kass – Chief Keef’s white cousin from the country* – tweeted, “maybe taking see something, say something a little to [sic] far?”

*Obviously this is a joke…

And the people of Twitter had some wise cracks to add about the situation, obviously:

So what do you reckon she was really chanting? Answers on a postcard.


CBS 58