Pornhub Releases What People Are Watching During Thanksgiving And It’s Pretty F*cked Up

By : Alex Mays |


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Enough to put you off your turkey dinner? Probably…

The guys at PornHub have released some pretty interesting stats about what type of things brings people to their patch over the Thanksgiving period – based on 2014’s most popular search terms. And it’s pretty bizarre.

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It seems are transatlantic cousins don’t only have a hankering for some delicious turkey over the festive period. Some of the most searched terms on the site include: ‘Holiday sex’; ‘Thanksgiving sex’; Thanksgiving orgy (because, why not?); and a ‘Thanksgiving blowjob’.

But these rather revealing stats don’t really answer as many questions as its asks. What is thanksgiving sex? Does it involves buttering up your meat? Does it come with extra stuffing? Who knows. But it’s enough to put you off your food- that’s for sure.


That sheer amount of traffic to the site is staggering too. The overall figures increases by nearly 4,000 per cent over Thanksgiving Day, whilst on Black Friday it goes up (in more ways than one) by 2,785 per cent.

The traffic tends to spike at 2am on Thanksgiving Day, then again at 11am (a standard mid-morning wank, who knew?)… and again at 2am the following morning.

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‘As always, we hope you enjoyed today’s Insights,’ the report concludes.

Well at least that answers the question ‘can the mind vomit?’. Yes, yes it can.


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