Ringleader Of ‘Stripper Crime Gang’ Reveals How They Would Drug ‘Annoying Clients’

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In an explosive interview a ringleader of a stripper crime gang revealed how they would max out victims’ credit cards, simply because they were annoying.

Speaking to New York Magazine, Roselyn Keo spoke of how they would drug rich blokes before robbing them of thousands of dollars in New York.

She said:

Because of the amount of stress we had to endure. We’re just like, You know what, these people are fucking pissing me off. Just for that, I’m going to max out his credit card, like a penalty. You’re going to be left with a zero balance. Zero credit line. Just for being annoying.

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Four strippers- Keo, Samantha Barbash, Karina Pacsucci and Marsi Rosen were all arrested back in June last year on charges of assault, grand larceny and forgery. Originally, they all pleaded not guilty.

However, prosecutors offered them a plea deal and this is when Pacsussi and Rosen pleaded guilty to conspiracy, assault and grand larceny, according to New York Magazine. Barbash later admitted the same charges. Keo is due in court in February 2016.

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Among the victims who allegedly had their credit cards stolen while too intoxicated to notice include a banker, lawyer, doctor and real estate attorney. The women made off with $200,000 before they were arrested.

It’s believed the strippers would go around bars in Manhattan and Long Island to find their victims over a four-month period from September 2013.

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An undercover investigation also discovered that the women were involved in a scheme to rip off the men by drugging them after setting up to meet them on dates. The men reported waking up in their cars or in hotel rooms with hardly, if any, memory of these encounters.

Those who tried to argue with the bills received threatening texts from the strippers who said they would go public about their wrongdoings, authorities said.

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Keo later told a fact-checker at the magazine she had made everything up, but I think it’s a bit too late for that…


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