Scientists Have Discovered Which Of The Sexes Have Better Orgasms

By : Joseph Loftus |


It’s the literal battle of the sexes: who has the better orgasm? Man or woman? Penis or vagina? Romeo or Juliet? Who is left with the biggest smile on their face and the most tingling and twitching genitalia?

Well luckily for us, the guys over at Asapscience have made a short video explaining the pros and cons of both sexes when it comes to the art of the orgasm.

They start the video by informing viewers that the female orgasm is much longer than a guys, tending to last for a minimum of 20 seconds while men’s orgasms tend to last between 3-10 seconds.


However it’s not all dreary on the male front, as men have far more orgasms than women – reaching a climax on 95 per cent of sexual encounters while women only reach orgasm on 69 (banter…) per cent of encounters.

When it comes to brain activity while you’re having an orgasm, both male and females have the same sort of activity going on – however, interestingly, it takes place in different parts of the brain.

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The video concludes that while the level of arousal between men and women is different the difference between orgasm experience is pretty much down to the individual.

So if you want to achieve orgasmic nirvana then you might want to get to know your own body as reaching peak orgasm is down to understanding your own psychological kinks and getting used to your own anatomy and physiology.

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When it comes to who has it better, man or woman, the video doesn’t provide us with a definite conclusion. But the thought of coming for an upwards of 20 seconds certainly tells me that women have it pretty damn good…