Study Reveals Age Women Feel The ‘Sexiest’

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A new study has revealed when women feel at their sexiest, and it turns out it’s 34 (hence all the 34-year-olds above).

In news that may come as a surprise to some of you, the research proved that 64 per cent of women in their thirties felt more ‘sexy’ as a result of feeling more confident in their age.

The study, conducted by department store giants, House of Fraser, found that 34 per cent of those questioned also claimed that they felt sexier because their relationship was happier, better, and stronger, reports the Mirror.

Perhaps more interestingly, 26 per cent of those in their thirties said that they were a hell of a lot more confident in the bedroom, while one in 10 said their sex drive had even increased.

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A spokeswoman from House of Fraser, said:

It’s great to see from the results of our research that so many women feel confident and sexy whatever their age, however it is interesting that 34 is the age we feel at the pinnacle of our sexual confidence.

The survey also revealed a shit-ton of things that makes women feel instantly sexier – and, apparently, knowing somebody finds you attractive, getting a compliment from your partner, and buying some new underwear are among the high rankers.

Another instant self-confidence boost comes from losing weight, as well as getting chatted up by a stranger (don’t know how much I agree with that one), getting your hair done, and sporting red lipstick.

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Overall, 52 per cent of the women polled argued that they felt sexy ‘sometimes’ as opposed to only three per cent who said they ‘always’ feel sexy.

I’m really glad I’m part of the three per cent…