Survey Reveals Where Women Like To Be Touched During Sex

By : Jamie Roberts |


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A new survey has revealed where women really like to be touched during sex.

SKYN Condoms and the AMP agency surveyed both men and women in the U.S, analysing the results of 5,117 respondents aged 18 to 34.

And this is what they found, with these areas making up the top five places a woman likes to be touched:

5) The Stomach

The tummy came in at last place, with only 4 per cent of women saying it was their favourite place to be touched during sex.

4) The Back

The back was another low scorer, but 6 per cent of ladies saying they found having their back stroked a massive turn on.

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3) The Bum

Now the numbers are steadily increasing – 15 per cent said having their bums touched during sex was best for them.

2) The Neck

The neck also scored pretty highly, and 28 per cent of women surveyed said they wished it’d get more attention.

1) The Breasts/Nipples

Breasts were the winners, with 34 per cent of women saying their nipples gave them the most sexual satisfaction.

And the general consensus among the guys was remarkably similar, and the men gave similar answers when revealing their most arousing areas.

19 per cent said their necks and another 19 per cent said their bums, nipples got 12 per cent, stomachs 11 per cent and eight per cent of guys went with their legs.


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